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New Bonuses Happening Right Now!*

32%- 47% - NO THAT ISN'T A TYPO!

With what could be a period of economic volatility approaching, it’s nice to know you may have new options to protect and grow your money. New annuity bonuses are happening right now.

Register below for an educational event to learn generally how FIA products work and how new features are applied. We can help to provide you with the tools that may help you rework your retirement strategy. Our goal is for your strategy to hold up for the long term.

Monday, July 29th, 6:00PM Waitlist Only

10100 Highland Rd. | Hartland, MI 48353
Please arrive 15 minutes early

At our event where specific products are discussed, we address…

Flexibilities With Annuities
  • Learn about ways you could access your money
  • How more flexibilities with annuities may help with life’s “what ifs”
  • What are options for your beneficiaries?
Growth Potential
  • How do you grow an annuity’s value?
  • Can you postpone income for more accumulation with an annuity?
  • Are there multiple ways to grow your income?
Premium Annuity Bonuses
  • When is the right time to replace what you already own?
  • What an i.e. 47% bonus on your income and death benefit* means
  • How does a 32% bonus on your income and death benefit* work?

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