Retirement Strategies

You spend most of your adult life thinking about your financial retirement strategy. And, this is with good reason: You spend a lot of time in retirement. In fact, as life expectancy increases, you’re much more likely to spend a large percentage of your life in retirement.

Making sure you're financially secure for all of this time is vital.

Safe Harbor Associates can help you in your search for a secure retirement strategy. Our process is simple and direct. We can help you look over your retirement goals, needs, situation, and options. We can make sure you have the right strategy to suit you.

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Making Sure You Have Enough to Retire

Do you have enough to retire?

While life expectancy is rising, so are healthcare costs, and even basic living expenses. How do you know if your retirement strategy is providing you with enough?

Although there are several factors to answering this question, there is hope: We can help you address each one of them. For example, the thing that will probably impact your retirement savings the most? Inflation. The target rate of inflation each year is about 2% (although recently, it’s been a lot higher,) so you’ll need to add a compounding amount to your budget each year for this to be visible.

For example, if you spent $40,000 one year, at a 2% inflation rate, you’d need 40,800 to cover the exact same lifestyle in the next year. Looking for a way to counter inflation? We can help you with this.

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We Can Help

Safe Harbor Financial believes in a comprehensive approach to your retirement strategy. Sit down with us, so we can discuss your options. We want to get to know you and your situation. During our one-on-one meetings, we can discuss things like:

Question: Have you started planning for retirement yet? How is it going? If you haven’t sought out professional help, you could probably use it. There could be useful tools that you aren’t even aware of. Speaking of…

What products or accounts are you currently keeping money in? Do you actually know all your options? Do you know the “pros and cons” of the ones you are using?

What are your retirement goals? Let’s discuss them with you: If your goals align with our values, we may be of assistance.

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Our Approach

Learning more about ways of protecting your assets in retirement is crucial. With the right combination of tools, you can retire with safety, reasonable rates of return**, and simplicity. We can help you feel confident in your retirement strategy.

Reach out, to schedule a one-on-one meeting, or to reserve a spot at one of our informational seminar events. These events come at no cost to you, and neither does the gourmet food provided. If you’re looking for an enjoyable experience and more important information about how to financially plan for retirement, look into attending one of these seminars. We look forward to seeing you.

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